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Laceration and Impact Hazards for Flushmate III Product Leads to Recall

According to reports the Flushmate III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System is being recalled by the Flushmate company due to product faults. Sources said that the product which is used inside toilet tanks can store up pressure and burst. The company said that weld seams can burst or rip causing the toilet tank to shatter or break.

Flushmate stated that consumers were at risk for laceration and impact injuries if the tank shatters from the products built-up pressure. The affected model was listed as the Series 503 Flushmate III Pressure-Assist product. Consumers are able to receive a free repair kit for the product. Roughly 2330600 units were recalled in the reports.

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2,100 Adult Tricycles Recalled After Fall Hazard Reports

According to official reports Currie Technologies announced that they would recall about 2100 units of their adult tricycles. The products official names is Tricruiser Electric-Powered Adult Tricycles and the affected models serial numbers are ACB06L00001 through ACB10H99999.

Curries Technologies reportedly acknowledged 6 accident reports five of which included consumer reports of scraping and bruising. Consumers are able to receive a free replacement kit for the tricycle. The company also said that a rear wheel on the tricycle can become detached if the rear axle broke.

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Frank Deloera, 4 Others Hurt After San Angelo, TX Rear-End Wreck on US-67

According to San Angelo TX news reports a rear-end accident along US-67 between a truck and a Texas Department of Transportation bucket truck left four people injured. The accident happened at about 2:40 in the afternoon on June 18 2012. Sources said that Joe Callaway was driving a pickup truck and crashed into the rear of the DOT vehicle.

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Mitch Riffle Injured and in Coma After Ranger, TX Hit-and-Run Accident

Local authorities in Ranger TX reported that a hit-and-run accident along Interstate 20 left one man injured and in a coma. Police said that 51-year old Mitch Riffle was a passenger in a Ford pickup truck that was struck by another vehicle from behind. The collision sent the Ford into a rollover and it traveled down an embankment.

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Outdoor Lanters by Bel Air Recalled for Shock, Fire and Burn Hazards

According to official reports about 99700 units of outdoor wall mount lanterns are being recalled by Bel Air Lighting Inc. Sources said that the lantern products were prone to electrical short circuiting which could potentially shock or burn a consumer. Bel Air also cited a concern for fire safety in the product recall announcement.

The recall also stated that Bel Air acknowledged 7 reports of product failure including two instances of the lanterns igniting after a circuit issue. The affected models were listed as item numbers 25336 and 44181 and sold primarily at Lowes Home Improvement stores.