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Jacqulin Quitugua Hurt After Motorcycle Police Chase in Hewitt, TX

According to local news reports a motorcycle crash in Hewitt TX left two people injured. Police said that 23-year old Rhett Bordner was being pulled over by local officers and began to flee the scene prompting a chase. Bordners passenger 20-year old Jacqulin Quitugua was injured along with Bordner when the motorcycle crashed.

Officials at the site said that the chase lasted roughly 5 minutes and ended when Bordner lost control of his motorcycle. He was later charged with Evading Arrest reports said. Jacqulin Quitugua was listed as injured at a local hospital but was expected to be fine.

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Shaista, Amina Qamar Hurt Aftere Being Hit by Alleged Drunk Driver in San Antonio

Sources in San Antonio TX reported that 54-year old Shaista Qamar and 19-year old Amina Qamar were injured when a motorist struck them. Police said that Shaista and her daughter Amina were at the intersection of Villamain Road and Shane Road with other family members when driver Francisco Morales struck them while asleep at the wheel.

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At Least 17 Students Injured in Accident with 2 School Buses in Dallas, Texas

Local news reports indicate at least 17 students were injured in an accident involving two buses in Dallas Texas. The incident occurred Tuesday morning June 12 when police believe one of the Richardson ISD buses rear-ended another near the intersection of Royal Lane and Skillman Street.

Site of the Accident

More than 100 students were on-board the two buses with upwards of 17 students taken to local hospitals with minor injuries. Dallas police is investigating the crash.

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Jamie Teran, Son Hurt After Conroe, TX Golf Cart Crash Off Bridge

According to official reports a covered bridge in the River Plantation Conroe TX area may have given way causing a serious accident. Police said that Jamie Teran 36 and his son were injured when their golf cart was driving over the bridge and fell roughly 30 feet. The accident happened on June 10 2012 at approximately 5:30 in the evening.

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‘Bath Salts’ Drug on the Radar of Several Law Enforcement Agencies

Several news agencies are reporting the increased scrutiny designer bath salts drugs are receiving from law enforcement agencies. The drug which produces effects similar to that of PCP cocaine or LSD have been reported in several violent actions including an attack on an Austin Texas emergency medical services worker. Some of the effects the designer drug produces are: violent outbursts chest pains hallucinations and paranoia.

First lets dispel the notion that these bath salts drugs are in any relation to what is used in bathing. The drugs are actually synthetic typically made by companies overseas who are one step of ahead of legislation trying to ban the substances. Typically legislation is written based on substance composition so many times a synthetic drug becomes legal with a simple swap of a few ingredients.
From a product liability standpoint Im interested in the marketing of the substances. Some of companies are quick to point out their packaging makes mention of only novelty uses of the substances but when they are only sold at pipe shops theres a conflict of interest somewhere.

– Attorney Michael Grossman